the Cougar Rewilding Foundation

What is "Rewilding"?

'Rewilding' is a term that means restoring something to its natural uncultivated state. For the CRF, that means the reintroduction of cougars that have been driven out or exterminated/extirpated from their historic natural homes. CRF is driven to see cougars returned to the parts of North America where they once roamed wild and free.

In areas like the Adirondacks or the Appalachian Mountains, we need cougars to re-balance the ecosystem, support biodiversity, and restore symmetry back into our wild lands.

Who We Are

Mission statement: To facilitate the recovery of the cougar in suitable wild habitat east of the Rocky Mountains. Read More

Cougar Rewilding Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, science-based, volunteer-run conservation organization dedicated to the recovery of cougars (pumas, mountain lions) to all of their former range east of the Rockies. Our History

The return of the mountain lion, whether as individuals or in sanctioned restoration programs, will be one of the grandest opportunities—and greatest challenges—most wildlife professionals in the Great Plains, Midwest, and the East will ever face.
~Jay Tischendorf, Vice President

Our Efforts

Science helps us understand cougar behavior. We promote a scientific approach to cougar management and stress that cougars are a shared resource.

Educating the public about real facts is critical to the success of our organization. Misinformation about cougars abound. Help us help this iconic natural resource!

We not only advocate for cougar expansion and protection, we advocate for the habitat and natural areas necessary for their survivial.

Support Us


Any donation - even $1 - is appreciated and used toward cougar advocacy.

Become a member for donations of $20 or more; all donations of $50 and above get a free, unique CRF gift!