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Lena is in eastern Wisconsin north of Green Bay.  Based on the location of the urinary opening, we know the cougar is a male.



DNR official says backyard intruder near Lena ‘an obvious cougar’

By Scott Williams

LENA — A homeowner with a motion-sensitive camera to track wildlife in his backyard has captured evidence of a cougar near this Oconto County community.

A homeowner near Lena used a motion-sensitive camera in his backyard to capture evidence of a cougar. Submitted photo

An official with the state Department of Natural Resources said it is likely the first confirmed cougar sighting in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Lena is located about 30 miles north of Green Bay.

Adrian Wydeven, a DNR mammal ecologist, said he has examined the photo and believes it is authentic.

“It was an obvious cougar,” he said.

Jamie Demmith, 34, who lives in a rural area north of Lena, said the mounted camera’s timer shows that the animal passed through his backyard at about 10:40 p.m. on May 20.

The blurry image shows an animal near backyard playground equipment used by Demmith’s 2-year-old son.

Demmith said the mounted camera in the past has captured images of deer, raccoon and other wildlife in the neighborhood.

“We get all kinds of critters,” he said. “But nothing like this.”

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