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Citations to articles like this one are showing up continually on our main source of cougar news. There was even one published in India! Nobody cares or even knows that a rare cougar on the Prairies of South Dakota was killed, and that the killing was probably not justified.

Instead of this indicating how brave the dog was, it should stand as a testimonial of how docile cougars are! Not only did the dog back it down but the guy hit it with the stock of his gun and the cougar did not attack!!! Yet, they continue to portray cougars as dangerous and vicious.

For more on this incident near Nunda, South Dakota, see the article Cougar shot at Nunda, South Dakota–almost made it to Minnesota, posted on November 12th.


Jack Terrier gets brave, trees cougar

By The Daily Progress, Charlottesville, Virginia

Talk about fighting over your weight …

In South Dakota, a 17-pound Jack Russell terrier managed to tree a 150-pound cougar, all by himself.

His owner, Chad Strenge, told the local newspaper that Jack probably “figured it was just a cat.” He’s used to chasing cats and squirrels up trees.

A wildlife expert says hunters usually use two or three hounds to tree a mountain lion. But, he adds, this particular cougar probably wasn’t hungry enough to eat Jack — which he certainly might have done, given his size and strength.

People who know Jack Russells — and that’s quite a few folks around here — know that they are feisty and courageous to a fault. Bred to flush quarry from holes, they retain the vigorous, go-get-’em spirit that was needed to confront wild animals in their dens.

Mr. Strenge knocked the cougar out of the tree with a shotgun, then — with Jack — he pursued and killed the animal.

Wildlife authorities say Mr. Strenge won’t face any charges.

Nor will Jack, we presume.

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