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“I think the No. 1 thing we need in the East is the cougar,” Foreman said, a project proposed about 25 years ago in a study by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. “They came up with about 20 different spots in the southeastern United States as possible cougar recovery areas, but nothing really came of it.”

Research in Uruguay showed that when the black jaguars began disappearing, the ecosystem began breaking down. A study at the University of Wisconsin found that there are fewer and less diversity of wildflowers when there are no wolves or lions in the area.

Foreman said cougars could blend in well in the eastern United States.

“There could be cougars out there,” he said of the preserve, “and nobody would ever know. They might see some tracks on the trails, but that would be it.”


Salisbury Post – Salisbury, North Carolina

Speaker warns about habitat loss

Kathy Chaffin

Center for the Environment

Renowned wilderness conservationist Dave Foeman delivered a passionate message at the Center for the Environment facility on the Catawba College campus Tuesday evening for humans to help save wild habitants and habitats.

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