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Strange but true tales from Chicago that could only happen here

Chicago Sun-Times

BY KARA sPAK Staff Reporter/kspak@suntimes.com July 3, 2011 6:48PM

[Irrelevant portions omitted.]

North Side cougar

Chicago police gunned down a 124-pound wild cougar roaming through Roscoe Village on April 14, 2008. The first cougar found in Cook County since 1855, it likely started its young life in South Dakota, traveling through Wisconsin before prowling the sidewalks and alleys of one of Chicago’s most kid-friendly neighborhoods.

Less than two weeks after the cougar’s death, a letter was sent to Mayor Richard M. Daley threatening to torch the mayor’s Michigan vacation home as payback for the cougar shooting. Two days after that letter was opened, the multimillion-dollar Michigan home of Daley’s neighbor burned down.

The cougar’s skeleton, skull and tanned hide are in storage at the Field Museum.

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