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Few cougar attacks on humans have been reported recently.  We define an attack as an incident in which a wild cougar makes physical contact with a human and some injury–slight, severe or even fatal–occurs.  Predation on livestock and pets are not attacks.

This is the first attack we’ve learned of this year.  In two earlier incidents in British Columbia, bicyclist(s) were approached by cougars with possibly predatory intentions.  The bicyclists behaved appropriately and the cougars left.  No one, not even the cougars, were hurt.  The last fatal attack was in 2008 in Arizona.

Why the apparent decrease in attacks?  Could it be that people are heeding the list of instructions on how to behave in the presence of a cougar that have been widely disseminated by wildlife agencies and parks?  Are cougar populations decreasing?  Something else?


Alberta cougar killed after attack on child

CBC News

Aug 3, 2011

Conservation officers have shot and killed a cougar that attacked a little girl in the Kananaskis area.

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