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Cougars in Ontario?

MNR spokeswoman Jolanta Kowalski said the last confirmed cougar sighting in Ontario was in 1884. And although the ministry receives numerous reports of sightings each year, she says 95% are are misidentifications.


“We haven’t said that they are not here. We know that there’s a presence of them in Ontario and we’ve said that before, but what we’re trying to figure is where they came from,” Kowalski said. “If they escaped from zoos or were exotic pets, if they arrived from western Canada or even a remnant native population.”


The Barrie Examiner

Suspected cougar print canine: MNR

J.T. McVeigh Photo - A large print found in the bank of a creek along Harry Adams Trail.

Snow Valley resident discovered impressions in Mayer’s Marsh

By LANCE?HOLDFORTH – Special to the Examiner

August 13, 2011

SPRINGWATER TWP. — Paw prints found in a Springwater Township marsh weren’t left by a cougar, says a Ministry of the Natural Resources expert.

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