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Just how likely is it to be attacked, let alone killed, by a cougar if they return to Adirondack Park?  Here is a comparison between established attack rates per one million people in two western areas, one high, one low, with attack and death rates for humans living in Adirondack Park.  The data are from 2010 and from different published statistics for the 11 counties that comprise Adirondack Park.

Violent crime (murder, rape, assault): 969

Domestic Violence (Aggravated Assault, simple assault, sex offense): 2,234

Murders: 5

Rapes: 161

Danger from cougar attacks: Highest (British Columbia) 0.25 per million residents (130,000 residents in Park): 0.03 attacks/year
Lowest (California) 0.05 per million residents: 0.006 attacks/year

As you can see, people in Adirondack Park currently have more to fear from each other than from cougars! More people will be killed by other people in one year than cougars will ATTACK in 100 to 200 years!

People, especially women, have more to fear from the ones they “love” than cougars!!

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