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Of the 45 sightings reported this year for eastern South Dakota, more than half have been unverified, with two sightings verified and 15 unfounded, he said.

“Just because someone sees a mountain lion, we can’t go kill it,” he said. “They are protected by law. They would have to be a threat.”

http://www.yankton.net/articles/2011/09/29/community/doc4e83d888df9c2511398504.txtYankton Daily Press & Dakotan

Mountain Lion Sightings Increase Due To Flooding


Two Possibly Seen In Yankton Last Monday

By Derek Bartos

When floodwaters inundated the area this summer, people were not the only ones forced away from their homes.

The higher waters also displaced one of the region’s most powerful and elusive creatures — the mountain lion.

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