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An independent review by the Cougar Network of alleged cougar attacks on livestock near Wonewoc, Juneau County, Wisconsin in 2010 determined that cougars were not responsible for any of the depredations.  Go to http://www.cougarnet.org/Wisc8-10/Wisconsin%20depredation%20review_Final%20%282%29.htm for the report.

Domestic dogs are by far the number one livestock depredator.


State Headlines From Wisconsin Public Radio, November 11

November 11, 2011 | Ashland Current

Farmers Could Be Compensated For Cougar Attacks
By Steve Roisum, Wisconsin Public Radio

A Wisconsin state lawmaker has introduced a bill that would compensate farmers if their animals are attacked by cougars.

Trail cameras have recently photographed a cougar wandering Juneau County. It’s the latest in a handful of sightings in the state over the past few years. State Rep. Amy Sue Vruwink says some constituents are concerned the cougars could attack their livestock. One such an attack against a cow happened in Juneau County. Under the Milladore Democrat’s bill, farmers would be compensated if that happens again, “The more and more the people read about them, research them and how nasty and deadly they can be to their prey that this is a preventative proactive approach instead of waiting until after something happens and saying oh to a farmer, well too bad, so sad.”

Vruwink says, the DNR already has a list of animals known to injure or kill livestock. Cougars would be added to the list which includes bears, wolves, and deer. The cougar bill could be voted on by the entire Assembly in January.

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