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Why This Is Important

SB738 has been introduced to the Missouri State Senate floor by Missouri State Senator Bill Stouffer.  It would allow for the killing of mountain lions by anyone for any reason. The mountain lion was stripped of state endangered species status in 2006. SB738 would not only take the mountain lion’s last piece of protection, but would make it a target for destruction in Missouri.
To single out a specific species of wildlife for destruction harks of a time that the killing of wildlife drove species to the edge of extinction such as the American bison. Some species such as the Passenger Pigeon were shot from the sky forever.

Times have changed and the understanding of ecology has grown by leaps and bounds. Keystone species such as mountain lions are crucial in the balance and health of our environment. The preservation and conservation of declining wild cat populations has become an important international issue.

The Missouri Department of Conservation has been innovative in its approach to mountain lions with the formation of a Mountain Lion Response Team. The Department of Conservation is more than capable of handling the conservation of mountain lions.

Sign the online petition at Change.org. http://www.change.org/petitions/state-capital-jefferson-city-missouri-stop-sb738-allowing-for-the-killing-of-mountain-lions-for-any-reason Pass the link on to others.

For more information on cougars in Missouri, visit http://cougarrewilding.org/CougarNews/?cat=68

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