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Cougar Rewilding is in favor of restoring animals to their former ranges – the essence of rewilding.  Unfortunately, when it comes to elk and bighorns, some hunters view them as their cattle, to be killed only by them.  Mark our words, the stage is being set for conflicts with the cougars in Nebraska’s Pine Ridge, supplying a justification to kill them.  The first evidence of a bighorn taken by a cougar could well spark passage of the Louden-sponsored cougar-hunting bill – LB 928 http://cougarrewilding.org/CougarNews/?p=5214.




Bighorns arrive at Nebraska home

HARRISON, Neb. — Two livestock trailer doors opened.

An ornery wildlife biologist had marked “ewe haul” in the dust and muck of one door.

Five seconds passed. Ten.

A few ticks later, the first of 40 bighorn sheep from western Canada leaped tentatively into chapter five of a growing initiative to reintroduce the native species to Nebraska.


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