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In some states, including those in which breeding colonies of cougars have been confirmed with the last 25 years, cougars in developed areas are almost always shot.  In California, Colorado and Washington State–continously occupied by cougars–officials have learned that treed cougars will usually return to the wilds from which they came if people simply pull back, giving the cougar time and space to descend from the tree.  No tranquilizing is necessary.  In fact, relocating tranquilized cougars to distant locales usually doesn’t work.  The cougar either immediately tries to return to its original home, or it gets an unfriendly welcome from the cougars that already occupy territories in the new locale.  Then it may be killed in a fight or on a highway as it attempts to return “home.”


THEcw 2 Colorado’s Own

Mountain lion draws cautious crowd in Morrison

Posted on: 1:00 pm, June 1, 2012, by Web Staff

MORRISON, Colo. —  Authorities warned residents in Morrison to keep a safe distance from a mountain lion that wandered into the Willow Springs subdivision and made itself comfortable in a tree.

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CBS 4 Denver

Mountain Lion In Morrison Finally Retreats Back Into The Foothills

MORRISON, Colo. (CBS4) – A mountain lion that was in a tree in Morrison all day Friday has finally retreated back into the foothills, but earlier even some deer were not enough to lure the animal down.

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