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Tuesday is the deadline for submitting comments on the proposal to create a unlimited kill zone in the Wyoming Black Hills.  See our previous ALERT on this situation – http://cougarrewilding.org/CougarNews/?p=5577 .  Many documents have been posted in Cougar Rewilding’s Bibliography section in section entitled “Black Hills of South Dakota and Wyoming” – http://www.easterncougar.org/pages/bibliography.html  We will be posting additional information, but don’t wait!


Please let us know if you’ve contacted the Wyoming Game and Fish Department on this issue






Go the Wyoming Game & Fish Home page – http://wgfd.wyo.gov/web2011/home.aspx


Click on HUNTING at the top of the page


In the drop-down box, click on Applications-Rules and Regulations


You will be on the Hunting Regulations page

Scroll down Draft Regulations for Chaps 4, 26, 28, 42, and 44.  Click on the blue item on the bottom – Draft Regulations For Public Review and Comment


Scroll down to Submitting Comments.  Click on Submit Your Comments Online


You will be here – Wyoming Game and Fish Department Online Commenting for Proposed Changes to Chapters 4, 26, 28, 42 and 44


Enter the characters, fill in the form asking for your name, address, etc.


You will then be asked one by one, for your opinion on Chapters 4, 26, 28, 42, and 44.  Click “No Opinion” until you reach Chapter 42 on mountain lions.


Type or paste in your comments.  They can be no longer than 2000 characters, about 4 inches of a Word document with 1.25 inch side margins.




As a sample, here are the comments that will be submitted by one Cougar Rewilding Foundation member.


I disapprove of designating the Black Hills as a population sink.  I oppose the creation of a new Hunt Zone, 32, with an unlimited quota.  I further recommend that Hunt Zone 24 be reclassified from Unlimited Kill to No Kill.  The few incidents of sheep depredation in the Black Hills do not warrant the ongoing drastic reduction in the lion population, especially since ranchers are compensated.  Studies such as the Hurley report show that killing lions does little if anything to increase deer numbers, which are largely controlled by forage quality, weather, and hunting quotas.


The Black Hills population of WY and SD must be considered as a unit.  It is in danger of being destabilized.  A high percentage of lions harvested in the past hunting season were adult females.  Two studies in the SD Black Hills determined that all adult males come from someplace else, probably the Bighorns, Laramie Mtns and other ranges to the West.  All subadult males left.


The Black Hills are the most important source of dispersing cougars being documented in the Midwest.  I want cougars to establish breeding populations in Midwest and East.

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