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The fates of wolves and cougars are linked.  Any change of attitude toward wolves will likely benefit cougars as well.  Please pass this petition on.



WELCOME  and THANKS to the all signers of the Protect America’s Wolves! petition: http://signon.org/sign/protect-americas-wolves?source=s.em.cr&r_by=1600383&mailing_id=4886 

We are heading to 3,000 signers from around the US and the world. Please circulate this email which includes the above petition link, to everyone you know who respects and loves wolves and wildlife.

ACTION IS KEY! The Governor of Wyoming has already been swamped by phone calls from us, from wolf friends all over the US and the world. His staff shared this good news with me, but we have to keep it up to be effective for the wolves in Wyoming.

First, here’s some facts about Wyoming and Wolves:

The State of Wyoming recently filed a proposal with the US Department of Interior to join the wolf demonizers and killers in Idaho and Montana, and slaughter the wolves in Wyoming. It may be approved any day. So please read on and act!

Wyoming is HUGE! It is almost 98,000 square miles, which is larger than England, Ireland and Denmark combined. Wyoming is almost as big as the six New England states, plus New Jersey and West Virginia combined.

In this massive state, there are fewer approx. 350 beautiful and amazing wolves. And yet the cattle ranchers and sport killers can’t stop demonizing and lying about them. 

Wyoming has approx. 1,300,000 cows and calves. The state has barely 500,000 human residents. In 2011, the US Fish & Wildlife Service confirmed a mere 35 cattle losses attributed to wolves. These statistics are similar in the nearby states of Idaho and Montana. Tens of thousands of cattle die every year due to weather, disease, birth complications and eating poison plants. Depridation by wolves and other wildlife is relatively minimal! Not only that but ranchers are compensated for the few confirmed losses by wolves, including some they lie about.

Regarding elk, that are hunted for food and sport, the state of Wyoming’s own wildlife division reports that there are more elk in Wyoming today than existed BEFORE the wolves returned to the state. Elk may be harder to hunt as they are now more wary with wolves back on the land where they belong, but the elk are healthier and more numerous with wolves in Wyoming! And similarly, according to each state’s wildlife division  statistics in Idaho and Montana, elk are more numerous, with wolves roaming free in those states, too!

For this ACTION, this is what YOU and each of us can do for the innocent and wonderful wolves of Wyoming:
1. Please call Wyoming Governor Matt Mead at 1-307-777-7434. This is his direct line.
2. Please also call and email Wyoming Office of Tourism Director Diane Shober at 1-307-777-2808. Ms. Shober’s email is: diane.shober@wyo.gov 

Please tell both of these Wyoming officials to: STOP DEMONIZING AMERICA’S WOLVES AND TO WITHDRAW WYOMING’S PROPOSAL TO MASSACRE WOLVES. It’s long overdue to stop catering to the hysterical exaggerations of the cattle ranchers and to stop serving the sadistic whims of the sport killers. It’s time to listen instead to the humane and wildlife-loving majority, who are demanding that America finally and permanently honor and protect the ecologically vital, innocent and beautiful wolves throughout the Rockies and America. Tell them both that killing wolves will negatively effect your desire to visit or have anything to do with Wyoming.

More actions are coming! Don’t be surprised if we do this one again next week. 

Please take the actions above and also urge your friends to help America’s wolves.

Thank you, for the wolves,
Robert Goldman
Protect America’s Wolves! campaign

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