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Nebraska has a zero-tolerance policy for cougars found wandering into residential areas. NJ trains municipal law and animal control officers to assess and intervene in residential black bear incidents, where euthanasia is the last resort; much like California’s residential cougar management policy. A cougar has yet to be implicated in livestock depredation or menacing a person anywhere in the Plains or Midwest. This cat was sacrificed based on a policy of fear and prejudice, not on its behavior.

This also appears to be the first cat killed outside the source prairie colonies this year. By last year at this time there were nine mortalities¬†(2011 had a record number of such mortalities). Cougar Rewilding is projecting that cougar mortalities of young dispersers outside the source colonies will drop in response to the Dakota’s and Wyoming’s unsustainable hunting quotas (based on location, DNA analysis may reveal that he came from Colorado or another state).



IMBALL – Kimball and Nebraska Game and Parks authorities removed a mountain lion from a tree here Saturday.

The cougar had been spotted by Kimball resident Bob Rutledge, lounging in a tree in the 1000 block of East Third Street in Kimball.


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