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Wildlife cam jackpot

We speak often of how incidental cougar evidence like this series of pics of a cougar taking a fawn occur regularly wherever cougars roam, even in the lowest densities. Last fall one cat wearing a radio collar tripped a half-dozen cams as it made its way across northern Wisconsin into the Upper Peninsula. Yet random (or sanctioned) wildlife cams have yet to record a single cougar east of the Michigan UP. 300,000 remote wildlife cameras are sold annually.


Petersen’s Hunting

Mike Quinn is no stranger to wilderness adventure. For the last 22 years he has scoured nearly every wilderness basin of Washington State with a singular, determined focus: finding trophy mule deer. And every spring, as early as the melting snows allow, Mike laces up his boots, straps on his 60-lb pack, and begins his quest for these infrequent and elusive high-country bucks.

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