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Wolves as Demons DuJour

On the heels of federal de-listing in the Northern Rockies, a stew of paramilitary anti-federalists, anti-conservationists, welfare ranchers, and fantasies of private hunter ownership over public, taxpayer supported public ungulates are behind the decimation of recovering wolf populations.

Earth Island Journal

James William Gibson

Lynne Stone, longtime wolf advocate and executive director of central Idaho’s Boulder White Clouds Council in Ketchum, couldn’t help but laugh. For the last two years she has routinely petitioned the Idaho Dept of Fish and Game for every single “ Big Game Mortality Report” filed on wolves killed by hunters —several hundred of them since the animals lost Endangered Species Act protection. Hunters and trappers are required to send in the report along with the skull and pelt for examination. In mid-January Stone ran across a November 2012 report that stated, “DNA came back as a domestic dog,” a light-skinned one.

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