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New York State Museum, Albany
Huxley Theatre
Sunday, October 6: 1PM – 2:30 PM

Bill Betty, a Rhode Island resident and mountain lion lecturer from Cougars of the Valley, will review their year-long Connecticut field camera initiative, mountain lion biology and behavior, and the perspective of cougar recovery in New England based on compelling eye-witness testimony.

Cougar Rewilding Foundation president Christopher Spatz will review a decade of CRF’s (and   others) remote camera surveys from seven eastern states, 15 years of field investigations, and will analyze why cougar sightings don’t produce evidence.

With the critical decline of eastern forests as the ultimate evidence of absent cougars, CRF advocates that a megafauna rewilding of eradicated native ungulates and predators could drive the economic recovery of interior New England and the Adirondacks – Yellowstone East – while restoring collapsing ecosystems, just as wolves and cougars have restored biodiversity to Yellowstone, Olympic, Glacier, Zion and Yosemite National Parks.

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