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The most frequent causes of death in Florida panthers are vehicle collisions and fights with other male panthers. It is likely that current panther habitat in southern Florida is filled to near capacity. Young male panthers must find a territory vacated by another male panther; risk death in a fight with another, older male holding a territory; or leave the area of their birth. The ocean, development and unsuitable habitat make it difficult to leave. A few males have managed to cross the Caloosatchee River but don’t find females and probably do not establish territories.


Florida panther found dead in Hendry County

NAPLES, Fla. — State wildlife officials say a Florida panther was found dead on the Big Cypress Seminole Indian reservation in Hendry County.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports that a tracker found the animal Monday, apparently the victim of a fight with another panther. The carcass will be sent to Gainesville for a necropsy, and the remains will be deposited with the Florida Museum of Natural History.

A total of 13 wild panthers have been killed this year in Florida.

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